Day 14



The manufacturing team started off with creating the arms, black plate and the pillow blocks on the robot. These pillow blocks are useful as when it hit’s a wall or an obstacle then the robot would not break for the reason of the pillow blocks. The media has finally purchased the T-Shirts and the Programming Teams has started on Ultrasonic and cleaned up the coding of the robot.


Day 11



Manufacturing Team has worked on motor mounts and launching arms, There were also repairs for the defense systems that will be used when testing the robot's capabilities. For T-Shirts we are finalizing the design of the T-Shirts and ordering them. 





We finished our robots base, thanks to Turi's Welding & Fabrication for bending the metal for our base. The manufacturing team has begun work on our base's bumpers and even more defenses. The programming team has made framework for the robot, allowing us to make more complicated code. The efforts of programming and the build team has resulted in a prototype for the drive team to practice with. 

Day 8



With another defense along with motor mounts have been completed by the manufacturing team, the day is ushered shut with loads of progress.  With the shooter design made concrete we have begun the prototyping and we hope to complete the shooter within the next few days. The programming team has made much headway with our robot's motion tracking for autonomous and for aligning the shooter with the tower. 




The manufacturing team has finished on the model ramps for our robot to test with, also they have started work on the bumpers and another one of the defenses. Many churros (not the food) were made to aid with the building of the robot. Finally the design team has finished working on the shape and design of the boulder shooter as well. Another hectic day has ended with loads of progress.




Math. Just math. Design has been super busy all evening trying to determine optimal angles to shoot at different distances. Looking at speeds for the launcher. The prototyping of our team’s launcher has started and the prototype base has been finished. As for the manufacturing team, the replica for the rough terrain has been created and the circuit board has been prepped up. All in all it have been a very productive and enjoyable evening.

Day 4



      More Cut2D practice, and made pieces of which hold up the wheel. Also, the progress on the replicates of the multi defenses are still being built. For the design team, progress has been shown on the shooter and climbing mechanism for the robot. The programming team also did coding for certain parts of the robot.




With the rule book and manual read, the design team has begun planning our robot, the design and manufacturing team have also begun prototyping our general robot ideas with VECHS robots to test the ideas they come up with. The construction team has fully constructed the game tower so once our robot has been completed we can test it’s functionality by launching the boulders. The programming team has begun their initial setup for all of the computers, installed the necessary First Robotics Software and setup Github for their later programming although there is not much done with the final design.




 With the new game announced, Stronghold, we are working hard at dissecting the rule book and getting a concept ready to be built. We've broken off into two groups each set on looking at one section of the robot, these include offense, and defense. Our current plan is to shoot high but stay low. We want a fast and versatile small robot that can achieve the higher of the two shots. This year host an even greater challenge, an ever changing field. Something not done in the past, the field will change in between each round. One piece will stay the same but the audience gets to vote on one of the obstacles set on the course and the alliance will get to choose the rest of their defenses, they should be strategic about it and look for weaknesses in the enemies designs. We can't wait to start the build and are even more excited to compete and (hopefully) reign supreme!
Kick off is upon us! Every year First Robotics unveils a new challenge, this year it is Stronghold. Inspired by medieval combat, this years game teams must attack the opponents castle to weaken its defenses and take over. In the way of opposing teams are 5 defenses, 1 of which that is picked by the audience and same with the opposing team's defenses. In addition to the defenses there are secret passages from which you can move boulders to the outer works, and spies who observe the enemy team's robots and court yard from their side. This years game is harder than any other for the robot operators with over 10000 possible combinations of defenses. From kick-off we now have 6 weeks to make our robot and prepare to siege our enemy's stronghold.